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About Blue2Factor Invisible Authentication

What does Blue2Factor do exactly?
Blue2Factor is a two-factor authentication technology that enhances security while improving efficiency. This technology allows for automated sign-in on known devices when another registered device is nearby, essentially facilitating hands-free operation. Blue2Factor aims to simultaneously prevent second-factor phishing attacks and streamline the authentication process.

In addition to device proximity, Blue2Factor uses public key encryption, biometrics, and passkeys to authenticate users.

Here's a demo:
How much does Blue2Factor cost?
Blue2Factor is currently accepting applications for beta customers that can user our authentication service free of charge. If your company is interested, please signup here.
How is Blue2Factor set up?
Blue2Factor can be integrated using SAML, an open standard for authentication and authorization. We use your existing identity provider (Google Workplace, Active Directory, etc) to implement invisible SSO and 2FA.
What types of devices is Blue2Factor compatible with?
Currently, Blue2Factor can be used on MacOs, Android, iOS, Windows, and most Linux servers.
Please fill out the Google form using the link below to use Blue2Factor at your company for four months for up to 200 people.